City tours Göttingen

Göttingen tours organized and created by students and offered for free.

Guided walking tours

– starts: Sun 15pm | Tue 16pm | Wed 11am –

  1. Walk around the “Wall”
  2. The Theatre Landscape of Göttingen
  3. Dwelling in Göttingen 1: Visiting with different types of accomodations from student collective to single family home.
    Ein Blick – A glance at three living situations in Göttingen!
  4. Dwelling in Göttingen 2: A tour of student fraternities.
    Student Corporations in Göttingen
  5. Walk to the Vernissage of “Dwelling Art” organized by our partner organization “Künstlerhaus Göttingen” (only Sunday!)

All guided walking tours start in the main venue, Zentrales Hörsaalgebäude (ZHG) located at Platz der Göttinger Sieben 5, near the exit toward the VG and near the registration desk at the following times:
15:00 Sunday 26 March
16:00 Tuesday 28 March
11:00 Wednesday 29 March

6. Sightseeing-Jogging-Tour

For those with sportive energy, a guided run is in order at the following times:
07:00 Monday 27 March
18:30 Tuesday 28 March
07:00 Wednesday 29 March

Self-guided tours in different formats

7. Public toilets – also see the booklet among your conference materials!
8. Urban Legends

Posters showing dwelling- related sites in Göttingen

These are located near the south entrance of the ZHG:

9. Urban Gardening in Göttingen. Green Göttingen
10. Refugee initiatives in Göttingen