The Theatre Landscape of Göttingen

– starts: Sun 15pm | Tue 16pm | Wed 11am –

How to present Göttingen as a location, capable to host the SIEF Congress? Especially when competing with big cities like Lisbon or Zagreb for example? Quite a tough task as we soon noticed. We means us: Laura & Laura (obviously one of the most favourite baby names back in the ninties) two students of cultural anthropology/european ethnology who got togethter in a working group last summer in terms of a class for the organisation of international conferences. After three years of living in Göttingen, we’d say that the city feels like home to us. But how to present this some-kind-of-home-thing to visitors from all over the world? We just went back to the start and thought about our own interests for a while. And there it was: the theatre landscape in Göttingen. A small town like ours has three theatres to offer. Three different kinds of plays, three different kinds of architecure, founding histories and current organisation. Starting off with the student theatre Theater im Operationssaal of Georg-August-University, which is the biggest student theatre in Germany, we are going on a walk through the city and its more or less hidden treasures with you. We are going to present the neo-renaissance style state theatre Deutsches Theater, as well as the more – let’s say rebellious – Junges Theater. All three of them may have in common that they not only shape the cultural scene of Göttingen but also foster a sense of belonging in Göttingen.

If you like to take a look behind the scenes of these theatres with us, please feel kindly invited to join our city tour!

When do we meet: We offer the tour Sunday on
15:00 Sunday 26 March
16:00 Tuesday 28 March
11:00 Wednesday 29 March

Where do we meet: Zentrales Hörsaalgebäude (ZHG) located at Platz der Göttinger Sieben 5, near the exit towards the VG and near the registration desk


Junges Theater
Deutsches Theater