Dwelling in Pictures

  • Wednesday - Last congress day! With the closing event in the The Assembly hall on the Wilhelmsplatz, the Conference Banquet and  the Final Party! Speech of Hermann Bausinger. #SIEF2017 #Wednesday #ClosingEvent #DwellingsAndDwindlings
  • Tuesday - Sunny congress days! Drawing the house of Nicolaus, spending some time in the sun and in the queue in front of the Mensa. And of course listening to the keynotes!  
  • Monday - The second day of SIEF 2017! The first panel sessions took place, new people met and let the day pass with a glass of delicious wine at the Young Scholars Wine Mixer. And we all know: In vino veritas.  
  • Sunday - Delegates arrived and we enjoyed the opening and welcome reception with some drinks, snacks and music.