Leena Krüger


Memories of places, rooms and atmosperes are important parts of my artistic work. In several picture-series, I deal with the stress ratio between the feeling of being at home and domiciled on the one hand, and the lack of a certain, familiar place on the other hand. By means of little memory particles and familiar signs, I put together worlds of images, where I reflect on the feeling of being located somewhere. In the exhibition „Dwellings – Behausungen“ in the Gewölbekeller of Göttingen’s Künstlerhaus, I display a number of collages and small oil paintings under the heading „A Place for Us“. I build shapes that appear like an urban landscape with square forms in my collages. The small oil paintings stand for the hardly determinable emotions, that the word „home“/“zuhause“ can trigger.

„A Place for Us“ 2 (oil on cardboard)
„A Place for Us“ 9 (collage)