Lilly Stehling
In the exhibition „Dwellings – Behausungen“ (crisis, craft, creativity) I present two large-format paintings and a „link“ to a housing project for refugees and non-refugees in the vaulted cellar of the Künstlerhaus.

Dwellings, that are patched up of plastic sheets, branches and cloths. Apparently build in a situatuion of need and crisis as a marginal shelter against adverse weather conditions, located in a deserted, inhospitable space, swaths move above it. Questions arise, where, why, what happened? Who lived there?

dwelling somewhere

Another painting shows a street scene with some greenish dripping flow lines, decayed house shapes and people that carry around their belongings, surging away from the centre, in the background. The right half of the picture is dominated by a in terms of form and colour contrasting shape-pile of something indefinable.

Our House OM10“: Creativity, which generates new useful housing forms in times of crisis, is the example of the housing project OM10, at the Obere-Masch-Straße 10 in Göttingen. An iniative that formed in the course of the refugee crisis. The project fights against vacancy in Göttingen and calls for a different model for the cohabitation of locals and refugees.

From an artistic point of view, and in terms of Beuys‘ „Soziale Plastik“, this is a successful and supportable initiative, which is formed by, for and with all involved participants and which will be transformed and realised in a continuous, creative process.