Sonja Mehner

Skyscrapers, blocks, social buildings… I like individual houses, houses with thick walls, houses in which I can unfold and develop, in which I can be without disturbing the neigbour… In our society, most people have to live like zoo animals, locked up in a winter house without outdoor areas? Living in the box makes us tired, lethargic and it deprives our human assets and  attributes.

The following photo series emerged in 2000 in Berlin. It was the first flat on my own, a rented flat where you have to be considerate. In my parent’s house, I was used to be able to be noisy.  I was able to stamp, to jump, sing, dance and to turn up the stereo to full volume. In my new flat, I tried to be creative in a quiet way. With headphones and tiny movements. Under these conditions emerged these photos… „Living in the Box“

Die Box meines Denkens, Foto auf Kapa, 30 x 35 cm
Die Box verstümmelt mich, Foto auf Kapa, 30 x 35 cm






Leben in der Box, Foto auf Kapa, 37 x 35 cm
Sterben in der Box, Foto auf Kapa, 43 x 45 cm