Geismar Landstraße 19, 37083 Göttingen


20:00, One Long Journey (86 min). Kieran Hanson (University of Manchester)

One man’s dream to build a boat and sail it home: The film is at once a closely observed family drama, a subversive hero’s tale and a sensory demonstration of how experience becomes narrative. It aims to engage the audience in their own experience of his difficult journey and it intends to evoke a sense of place, to extend an anthropological discussion into embodied understanding.



18:00, Highway Rest Stop (81 min). Isabel Ingold (Perspective Films, Paris)

Picturing a highway rest stop in France, this film traces out the portrait of Europe today. Through the lives of travelers and workers, this rest stop shows the violence of the free competition of a single market, the nostalgia carried by uprooted lives and the solitude in our modern world.