Things to Do in Göttingen

Sightseeing in Göttingen

The „Gänseliesel“

If you’re not planning to take one of the scheduled excursions or sightseeing tours but want to explore Göttingen on your own, you could take a walk around the „Wall“. It surrounds Göttingen’s historic centre and by walking along the wall you will pass sites like the old Botanical Garden and the Deutsches Theater. You could also take a stroll through the streets of Göttingen’s city centre and visit the Old Town Hall and the famous „Gänseliesel„. Here’s a little guide for sightseeing and activities in Göttingen.

Food and Drink

A „Döner“

Göttingen’s city centre offers a wide range of pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, bistros, bars and other social hangouts. We (students and staff of the department) compiled a list with selected eateries. It offers personal recommendations and includes also many price-friendly choices.